Our Leadership Team

The staff and leadership here at Graafschap Church is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at graafschapcrcoffice@gmail.com

  • Stan Scripps - Lead Pastor        stanscripps@gmail.com

    I discerned God's call to gospel ministry in the early 1980's, which led me to Calvin Seminary.  In 1986, my wife and I and our sons moved to beautiful upstate New York where I served as a solo pastor.  In 1990, we all moved to a large congregation in the prairie city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota where I served as senior pastor.  During those years I earned a second graduate degree from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.  In 2003 we came to Graafschap Church, back to our home state of Michigan where I've been working as a full-time lead pastor and part-time horseman.  There is a lot of transfer learning from the corral to the congregation.  I love to "Tell the Story" bringing God's Word through expository preaching and teaching, prayer, and fellowship.

  • Noah McLaren - Worship and Discipleship Pastor     mclarennd@gmail.com

    I came to Graafschap in January 2017, shortly after graduating from Western Theological Seminary.  I grew up in Holland, and became a worship leader in some of Holland's churches, first as a volunteer; then a lay leader; and then paid staff.  There are others, but the congregations I served most recently are Pillar Church, Rose Park Reformed Church, and the seminary itself in its daily chapel services. I love it when a church comes together to worship the Triune God.  As I partner with the people of the Church, it is my constant goal to provide worship services that are beautiful and formational, and pleasing to God.

  • Kurtis Ritsema - Youth Pastor          kurtisritsema28@gmail.com

    I have had the privilege to be involved in Youth Ministry since 2001, upon my graduation from Reformed Bible College.  Ministry opportunities have taken me between Pella, Iowa and Holland, MI.  Graafschap has been my church home for the past five years where I worship with my beautiful wife and my three children.  Teaching the bible is one of my joys and passions, and I love doing this with middle school and high school students along with young adults.  One of my life verses comes from Jeremiah 29:11-13, where God reminds His children that he has plans for their lives filled with Hope, and this is something I love to challenge my students to live by each day.